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               Wraps are great for all sorts of
               vehicles including: Buses
               Cars, Trains, Airplanes.
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              A building wrap is a great way
              to stand out from the crowd.
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              Window graphics are great for
              storefront windows, restaurants
              or buildings that have limited
              advertising space.

One vehicle wrap that
cost around $3,000 may
be seen up to 4 million
times in one year!

Welcome to PGIWraps!

pgiWraps specializes in the creative design and
installation of:

car decals         • trailer wraps       • motorcycle wraps
truck graphics   • boat wraps         • RV wraps
car wraps          • train wraps         • race car wraps
bus graphics     • airplane wraps   • building graphics

With over nine years experience installing large
format vinyl graphics we can "wrap” or “stick” just
about anything
. This lets you turn company vehicles,
buildings and windows into valuable advertising
space for eye catching wraps that demand attention.

Building Wraps Denver | Window Graphics Denver | PGI Wraps

Vehicle wraps give you unbeatable value!

Currently vehicle wraps and mobile media advertising is the most cost effective and influential advertising media
available according to the American Trucking Association. With a lower cost per visual impression than any other
form of media including television, magazine, newspaper and radio you know you’re getting the most out of your
advertising dollars.

Why a Vehicle Wrap?

In addition to being the most cost effective form
of advertising, vehicle wraps offer many other
advantages you may not be aware of. They get
you noticed! A well designed vehicle wrap really
does make you stand out
from the crowd and get
the attention of potential customers. They can be
changed frequently!

Once we have the graphics designed and printed,
we can change your wrap in less than 24 hours.
This allows you to do short 1-6 month promotions
or leave your company vehicles branded for up to
5 years. And the best part of leaving a wrap on for
only 1 month or a full 5 years is that no damage
is done to the cars original paint when the wrap
is removed. The wrap actually protects the paint
from sun and road damage while it is on. Vehicle
wraps utilize unused advertising space! Don’t just
“make deliveries” with your delivery trucks when
you can use them as mobile billboards to advertise
your product or service.

Some photos are installation projects only.

Vehicle Wraps Denver | Bus Graphics Denver | PGI Wraps